ECP'97 Proceedings

Steel, S. (ed.), Alami, R. (ed.); Recent Advances in AI Planning.
4th European Conference on Planning, ECP'97, Sep 24-26 1997, Toulouse, France. Proceedings.
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 1348
ISBN 3-540-63912-8; Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, etc.: Springer Verlag (1997)

  1. Albers; Ghallab, M.;
    Context-Dependent Effects in Temporal Planning; p. 1-12
  2. Ashish; Knoblock; Levy;
    Information Gathering Plans with Sensing Actions; p. 13-25
  3. Aylett; Coddington; Barnes; Ghanea-Hercock;
    What Does a Planner Need to Know About Execution?; p. 26-38
  4. Aylett; Petley; Chung; Soutter; Rushton;
    Planning and Chemical Plant Operating Procedure Synthesis: a Case Study; p. 39-51
  5. Baioletti; Marcugini; Milani;
    Task Planning and Partial Order Planning: a Domain Transformation Approach; p. 52-63
  6. Beetz; McDermott;
    Expressing Transformations of Structured Reactive Plans; p. 64-76
  7. Beetz; McDermott;
    Fast Probabilistic Plan Debugging; p. 77-90
  8. Burgess; Steel, S.;
    Quantification in Generative Refinement Planning; p. 91-103
  9. Castilho; Gasquet; Herzig;
    Modal Tableaux for Reasoning About Actions and Plans; p. 104-116
  10. Cesta, A.; Stella, C.;
    A Time and Resource Problem for Planning Architectures; p. 117-129
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  11. Cimatti; Giunchiglia, E.; Giunchiglia, F.; Traverso, P.;
    Planning Via Model Checking: a Decision Procedure for AR; p. 130-142
  12. Da Costa Pereira; Garcia; Lang; Martin-Clouaire;
    Possibilistic Planning: Representation and Complexity; p. 143-155
  13. Dimopoulos; Nebel; Koehler;
    Encoding Planning Problems in Non-Monotonic Logic Programs; p. 169-181
  14. Estlin; Chien; Wang;
    An Argument for a Hybrid HTN/Operator-Based Approach to Planning; p. 182-194
  15. Fox, M.;
    Natural Hierarchical Planning Using Operator Decomposition; p. 195-207
  16. Garcia-Martinez; Borrajo;
    Planning, Learning, and Executing in Autonomous Systems; p. 208-220
  17. Gazen; Knoblock;
    Combining the Expressivity of UCPOP with the Efficiency of Graphplan; p. 221-233
  18. Giacomo; Iocchi; Nardi, D.; Rosati;
    Planning with Sensing for a Mobile Robot; p. 156-168
  19. Givan; Leach; Dean;
    Bounded Parameter Markov Decision Processes; p. 234-246
  20. Hepplewhite; Baxter;
    Planning and Search Techniques for Intelligent Behaviour of Battlefield Entities; p. 247-259
  21. Kambhampati, S.; Parker; Lambrecht;
    Understanding and Extending Graphplan; p. 260-272
  22. Koehler; Nebel; Hoffman; Dimopoulos;
    Extending Planning Graphs to an ADL Subset; p. 273-285
  23. Massacci, F.;
    Breaking Security Protocols as an Al Planning Problem; p. 286-298
  24. Miksch; Shahar; Horn; Popow; Paky; Johnson;
    Time-Oriented Skeletal Plans: Support to Design and Execution; p. 299-311
  25. Munoz-Avila; Weberskirch;
    A Case Study on the Mergeability of Cases with a Partial-Order Planner; p. 325-337
  26. Muslea;
    SINERGY: a Linear Planner Based on Genetic Programming; p. 312-324
  27. Nebel; Dimopoulos; Koehler;
    Ignoring Irrelevant Facts and Operators in Plan Generation; p. 338-350
  28. Oddi, A.; Cesta, A.;
    A Tabu Search Strategy to Solve Scheduling Problems with Deadlines and Complex Metric Constraints; p. 351-363
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  29. Onder; Pollack, M.;
    Contingency Selection in Plan Generation; p. 364-376
  30. Santos; Rillo;
    Approaching the "Plans Are Programs" Paradigm Using Transaction Logic; p. 377-389
  31. Shanahan;
    Event Calculus Planning Revisited; p. 390-402
  32. Spragg; Fozzard; Tyler;
    Constraint-Based Reactive Rescheduling in a Stochastic Environment; p. 403-413
  33. Tsuneto; Nau; Hendler;
    Plan-refinement strategies and search-space size; p. 414-426
  34. Wang; Chien;
    Replanning Using Hierarchical Task Network and Operator-Based Planning; p. 427-439
  35. Washington;
    BI-P O MDP: Bounded, Incremental, Partially-Observable Markov-Model Planning; p. 440-450

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