ECP'99 Proceedings

Biundo, S. (ed.), Fox, M. (ed.).
5th European Conference on Planning, ECP'99, Sep 8-10 1999, Durham, UK. Proceedings.
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, etc.: Springer Verlag

  1. Giunchiglia, Fausto; Traverso, Paolo;
    Planning as Model Checking
  2. Cimatti, A.; Roveri, M.;
    Conformant Planning via Model Checking
  3. Daniele, Marco; Traverso, Paolo; Vardi, M.Y. ;
    Strong Cyclic Planning Revisited
  4. Liatsos, V.; Richards, B.;
    Scalability in Planning
  5. Howe, A.E.; Dahlman, E.; Hansen, C.; Scheetz, M.; von Mayrhauser, A.;
    Exploiting Competitive Planner Performance
  6. Pyeatt, L.D.; Howe, A.E.;
    A Parallel Algorithm for POMDP Solution
  7. Mali, A.D.;
    Plan Merging & Plan Reuse as Satisfiability
  8. Armando, A.; Castellini, C.; Giunchiglia, Enrico;
    SAT-Based Procedures for Temporal Reasoning
  9. Rintanen, J.; Jungholt, H.;
    Numeric State Variables in Constraint-based Planning
  10. Mali, A.D.;
    Hierarchical Task Network Planning as Satisfiability
  11. Edelkamp, S.; Helmert, M.;
    Exhibiting Knowledge in Planning Problems to Minimize State Encoding Length
  12. Scholz, U.;
    Action Constraints for Planning
  13. Barruffi, R.; Lamma, E.; Mello, P.; Milano, M.;
    Least Commitment on Variable Binding in Presence of Incomplete Knowledge
  14. Srivastava, B.; Kambhampati, Subbarao;
    Scaling up Planning by Teasing out Resource Scheduling
  15. Wang, Y.; Yang, Q.; Zhang, Z.;
    Multi-Agent Real-Time Scheduling for Call Center Automation
  16. Drabble, Brian;
    Task Decomposition Support to Reactive Scheduling
  17. Cesta, Amedeo; Oddi, Angelo; Smith, Steve;
    Greedy Algorithms for the Multi-Capacitated Metric Scheduling Problem
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  18. De Giacomo, G.; Vardi, M.Y.;
    Automata-Theoretic Approach to Planning for Temporally Extended Goals
  19. Bockmayr, A.; Dimopoulos, Y.;
    Integer Programs and Valid Inequalities for Planning Problems
  20. Cresswell, S.; Smaill, A.; Richardson, J.;
    Deductive Synthesis of Recursive Plans in Linear Logic
  21. Koenig, S.; Liu, Y.;
    Sensor Planning with Non-Linear Utility Functions
  22. Despouys, O.; Ingrand, F.F.;
    Propice-Plan: Toward a Unified Framework for Planning and Execution
  23. Nebel, B.;
    What is the Expressive Power of Disjunctive Preconditions?
  24. Haslum, P.; Jonsson, P.;
    Some Results on the Complexity of Planning with Incomplete Information
  25. Blum, A.L.; Langford, J.C.;
    Probabilistic Planning in the Graphplan Framework
  26. Parker, E.; Kambhampati, Subbarao;
    Making Graphplan Goal-Directed: (A Lifted Goal-Directed Forward-Searching Graphplan)
  27. Refanidis, I.; Vlahavas; I.;
    GRT: A Domain Independent Heuristic for STRIPS Worlds Based on Greedy Regression Tables
  28. Bonet, B.; Geffner, H.;
    Planning as Heuristic Search: New Results

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