EWSP'91 Proceedings

Hertzberg, J. (ed.); European Workshop on Planning.
European Workshop on Planning, EWSP '91, Mar 18-19 1991, Sankt Augustin, Germany. Proceedings.
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 522.
ISBN 3-540-54364-3; Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, etc.: Springer Verlag (1991).

  1. Bartrum, Simon; Fish, Alan; Aylett, Ruth;
    HELP A Hierarchical Execution-Led Planner for Robotic Domains; p. 1-12
  2. Fade, Bernard; Regnier, Pierre;
    Complete Determination of Parallel Actions and Temporal Optimization in Linear Plans of Action; p. 100-111
  3. Fronhoefer, Bertram;
    Default Connections in a Modal Planning Framework; p. 39-52
  4. Hertzberg, Joachim; Materne, Stefan;
    MTMM Correcting and Extending Time Map Management; p. 88-99
  5. Kirby, Richard; Drabble, Brian;
    Associating AI Planner Entities with an Underlying Time Point Network; p. 27-38
  6. Reichgelt, Han; Downs, Joseph;
    Integrating Classical and Reactive Planning within an Architecture for Autonomous Agents; p. 13-26
  7. Rodosek, Robert; Goebel, Richard;
    A Language for Representing Planning Problems; p. 64-77
  8. Steel, Sam; Ghassem-Sani, Reza;
    Recursive Plans; p. 53-63
  9. Steel, Sam;
    Knowledge Subgoals in Plans; p. 112-121
  10. Waldinger, Richard; Grosse, Gerd;
    Towards a Theory of Simultaneous Actions; p. 78-87

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