EWSP'93 Proceedings

Bäckström, C. (ed.), Sandewall, E. (ed.); Current Trends in Artificial Intelligence Planning.
EWSP'93 - 2nd European Workshop on AI Planning. Proceedings.
Series: Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, Volume 20.
ISBN 90-5199-153-3; Amsterdam, Oxford, Washington DC, Tokyo: IOS Press (1994).

  1. Biundo, Susanne;
    Present-Day Deductive Planning; p. 1
  2. Drummond, Mark;
    On Precondition Achievement and the Computational Economics of Automatic Planning; p. 6
  3. Tate, Austin;
    The EMergence of "Standard" Planning and Scheduling System Components: Open Planning and Scheduling Architectures; p. 14
  4. Stuart Aitken, J.; Shadbolt, Nigel;
    Knowledge Level Planning; p.33
  5. Bäckström, Christer;
    Finding Less Constrained Plans and Optimal Parallel Executions is Harder than We Thought; p. 46
  6. Bauer, Mathias; Paul, Gabriele;
    Logic-Based Plan Recognition for Intelligent Help System; p. 60
  7. Beckstein, Clemens; Kraetzschmar, Gerhard; Schneeberger, Josef;
    Distributed Plan Maintenance for Scheduling and Execution; p. 74
  8. Choueiry, Berthe Y.; Faltings, Boi;
    Interactive Resource Allocation by Problem Decomposition and Temporal Abstractions; p. 87
  9. Collins, Gregg; Pryor, Louise;
    On the Misuse of Filter Conditions: A Critical Analysis; p. 105
  10. Garcia, Frédérick;
    Planning Action with Context-Dependent Effects: A State Space Based Approach; p. 117
  11. Hong, Jun;
    Plan Recognition on the Basis of Structural and Temporal Constraints; p. 131
  12. Horz, Alexander;
    Relating Classical and Temporal Planning (Preliminary Report); p. 145
  13. Kirman, Jak; Nicholson, Ann; Lejter, Moises; Dean, Thomas; Santos, Eugene Jr.;
    Using Goals to Find Plans with High Expected Utility; p. 158
  14. Koehler, Jana;
    Flexible Plan Reuse in a Formal Framework; p. 171
  15. Kramer, Martin; Unger, Claus;
    A Generalizing Operator Abstraction; p. 185
  16. Lin, Shieu-Hong; Dean, Thomas;
    Exploiting Locality in Temporal Reasoning; p. 199
  17. Malec, Jacek;
    On Formal Analysis of Emergent Properties; p. 213
  18. Milani, Alfredo;
    A Representation for Multiple Situations in Conditional Planning; p. 226
  19. Muscettola, Nicola;
    An Experimental Analysis of Bottleneck-Centered Opportunistic Scheduling; p. 240
  20. Sablon, Gunther; Bruynooghe, Maurice;
    Using the Event Calculus to Integrate Planning and Learning in an Intelligent Autonomous Agent; p. 254
  21. Saffiotti, Alessandro;
    Pick-up What?; p. 266
  22. Shu, Hua;
    A Logical Approach to Planning in Dynamical Systems; p. 278
  23. Thiébaux, Sylvie; Hertzberg, Joachim; Shoaff, William; Schneider, Moti;
    A Stochastic Model of Actions and Plans for Anytime Planning under Uncertainty; p. 292

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