EWSP'95 Proceedings

Ghallab, M. (ed.), Milani, A. (ed.); New Directions in AI Planning.
Series: Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, Volume 31.
ISBN 90-5199-237-8; Amsterdam, Oxford, Washington DC, Tokyo: IOS Press (1996).

  1. Hertzberg, Joachim;
    On Building a Planning Tool Box; p. 3
  2. Bäckström, Christer;
    Five Years of Tractable Planning; p. 19
  3. Joslin, D.; Pollack, Martha E.;
    Passive and Active Decision Postponement in Plan Generation; p. 37
  4. De Silva, R.S.;
    Selectively Delaying Linking Commitments in Partial-Order Planners; p. 49
  5. Kambhampati, Subbarao; Srivastava, B.;
    Universal Classical Planner: An Algorithm for Unifying State-Space and Plan-Space Planning; p. 61
  6. Jonsson, P.; Bäckström, Christer;
    Incremental Planning; p. 79
  7. Washington, R.; Hayes-Roth, B.;
    Incremental Abstraction Planning for Limited-Time Situations; p. 91
  8. Stone, P.; Veloso, Manuela;
    User-Guided Interleaving of Planning and Execution; p. 103
  9. Qu, Yong; Kambhampati, Subbarao;
    Learnong Search Control Rules for Plan-Space Planners: Factors Affecting the Performance; p. 115
  10. Estlin, T.A.; Mooney, R.J.;
    Hybrid Learning of Search Control for Partial-Order Planning; p. 129
  11. Bacchus, F.; Kabanza, F.;
    Using Temporal Logic to Control Search in a Forward-Chaining Planner; p. 141
  12. Boutilier, C.; Dean, Thomas; Hanks, S.;
    Planning Under Uncertainty: Structural Assumptions and Computational Leverage; p. 157
  13. Blythe, J.;
    The Footprint Principle for Heuristics for Probabilistic Planners; p. 173
  14. Lin, Shieu-Yong; Dean, T.;
    Generating Optimal Policies for High-Level Plans with Conditional Branches and Loops; p. 187
  15. Unruh, A.; Washington, R.; Rosenbloom, P.;
    A Framework for Automatic Abstraction: p. 203
  16. Garcia, Frédérick; Laborie, Philippe;
    Hierarchisation of the Search Space in Temporal Planning; p. 217
  17. McCluskey, T.L.; Porteous, J.M.;
    Planning Speed-Up via Domain Model Compilation; p. 233
  18. Drabble, Brian; Tate, A.;
    O-Plan: A situated Planning Agent; p.247
  19. Fink, E.; Veloso, Manuela;
    Formalizing the PRODIGY Planning Algorithm; p. 261
  20. Perini, A.; Ricci, F.;
    An Interactive Planning Architecture; p. 273
  21. Chien, Steve; Hill, R. Jr.; Wang, Xue-Mei; Estlin, T.; Fayyad, K.; Mortenson, H.;
    Why Real-World Planning is Difficult: A Tale of Two Applications; p. 287
  22. Kis, T.; Váncza, J.;
    Computational Complexity of Manufacturing Process Planning; p. 299
  23. Klein, I.; Jonsson, J.; Bäckström, Christer;
    Tractable Planning for an Assembly Line; p. 313
  24. Yang, Qiang; Fong, P.W.L.;
    Situated Control Rules as Approximate Plans: A PAC-Based Theory; p. 327
  25. Cesta, Amedeo; Oddi, Angelo;
    DDL.1: A Formal Description of a Constraint Representation Language for Physical Domains; p. 341

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  26. Pain-Barre, C.; Schwind, Camilla;
    Constructing Action Graphs for Planning; p. 353
  27. Chien, Steve; Mortenson, H.;
    The Multimission VICAR Planner: A Fielded Planning System for Scientific Data Analysis; p. 371
  28. Rieger, A.;
    Learning to Guide a Robot Via Perceptions; p. 383
  29. Ihrig, L.; Kambhampati, Subbarao;
    An Explanation-Based Approach to Improve Retrieval in Case-Based Planning; p. 395

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