Special Categories

Additionally, ECP-01 encourages submission in the following special categories:


descriptions of test cases derived from significant real wold problems or formulation of artificial problems that clearly point out difficulties not addressed by current technology. In both cases the description should be accurate and detailed enough to allow other research to reproduce/use it.


descriptions of real world prototypes and demonstration systems that show planning and scheduling systems taken not only in isolation but also used/embedded in larger systems. Submission in this category should have a running demo to be showed during a specific event at the conference.

Submissions in these last two categories will be reviewed by a specific subgroup within the program committee that will judge both their pertinence and relevance, and also recommend how they will be presented at the conference. Selected submissions in both categories will appear in a special section on the conference post-proceedings, in addition they will be allotted space on the permanent Web pages of PLANET---the European Network of Excellence in AI Planning and Scheduling.

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